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Center for Study of Imperial Examination and Examination Research, ZJU

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Examination is one of the great inventions in China. Imperial examination is a system with worldwide influence, as well as the primary content of Chinese traditional social and humanistic education activities. The study of imperial examination is a comprehensively specialized study focusing on imperial examination system and history of its operation that existed in China and other East Asian countries. Involving interests of all aspects and closely related to educational system as well as realistic factors such as politics, economy, technology and traditional culture,   National College Entrance Examination (NCEE) is the most important, complex and sensitive reform in the field of education.
Founded in October 2019, Center for Study of Imperial Examination and Examination Research ZJU carries out researches mainly relying on the College of Education’s National Key Discipline, History of Education, and ZJU’s profound research accomplishments in terms of history study. Integrating itself with ZJU’s original study strength, the Center currently has six full-time teachers and attracts Admission & Examination Administration’s leaders and scholars to join in to unify national important fellow scholars. Moreover, it will recruit several part-time researchers. The Center will organize and promote ‘International Academic Seminar of Imperial Examination System and Imperial Examination Study’ every year and continue to run the joint academic journal, Journal of Imperial Examination (semi-annual), with Shanghai Museum of Imperial Examination. It is dedicated to building itself as a national leader in the field of imperial examination and examination research, a significant center for study of imperial examination and a decision-making and consulting base for NCEE reform.
The director of the Center is Prof. LIU Haifeng.

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