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Center for Sports Modernization and Development

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The Center for Sports Modernization and Development is an interdisciplinary research institution. It was established as a key research base by the General Administration of Sport of China in April 2003. The Center is oriented to the development trend and need of high-quality sports talents, sports discipline research, sports training practice and sports social services, and gives full play to the advantages of Zhejiang University's rich disciplines and interdisciplinary platform aggregation and complementarity. Based on the discipline development concept of “emphasizing key points, comprehensive development; optimizing structure, synergistic development; giving play to advantages and characteristic development”, the Center focuses on research of leisure and sports health management, sports industry management and institutional innovation, and sports psychology and competitive state regulation. At present, the Center pays attention on the specific issues of the national sports and health, conducts cross-disciplinary research on sports health, and promotes the development of talents in the field of sports health, subject research and the coordinated development of social services.

The director of the Center is Prof. YU Kehong.

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