World Leisure Organization Representatives Visit ZJU’s College of Education for On-sit... [05-21]
AIT President Visits ZJU’s College of Education to Promote Student Exchange [05-10]
"Approach to the United Nations", the First Lecture of “the Series of Lectures on Tale... [04-17]
Academic Degree Programs in Discipline of Education at College of Education, ZJU, passe... [03-27]
ZJU Hosts International Conference on the Development of World-class Discipline of Educ... [03-22]
ZJU Promoting Collaboration with University of Birmingham in Joint Program and Educatio... [01-09]
Professor XIAO Lang Visits University of Macau and Macao Polytechnic Institute for Acad... [12-29]
Strengthening Cooperation with U of T in Education Studies [12-29]
Board Chair of World Leisure Organization Visits ZJU [12-29]
ZJU Holds 2017 Cross-Straits, Hong Kong& Macau Comparative Education Forum [12-28]
ZJU Postgraduate Xie Zhenye Wins 4X100m Bronze at IAAF World Relays [04-25]
ZJU's "Flying Man" Xie Zhenye Clocks China's Best in Men's 100m [04-18]
Zheng Mengxuan Clinches Gold Medal in 6th World Junior Wushu Championships [10-12]
Li Chaoqun Wins Gold Medal in Pole Vaulting in National Junior Championships in Athletics [07-05]
ZJU Students Dominate Women's All-round Competition at 2016 National Wushu Taolu Champi... [06-23]
ZJU Delivers Dazzling Performance in National Collegiate Wushu Championship [03-11]
Research Findings of Dr. Zhai Junqing Receives Special Coverage by Foreign Media [03-11]
UNI's HPELS Visits ZJU's Department of Physical Education [11-26]
Wang Di Wins China's 1st Gold Medal at 13th World Wushu Championships [11-17]
ZJU Clinches 9 Gold Medals at 11th All-China Intercollegiate Acrobatics & Rhythmic Gymn... [11-11]
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