The College of Education has solid disciplinary research forces. It has one national key discipline in Educational History, two provincial key disciplines in Education History and Comparative Education, a first-rank disciplinary Post-doctoral mobile station in Education, a first-rank disciplinary Doctoral Program in Education, a Sports Humanistic Sociology Doctoral Program, a first-rank disciplinary Master Program in Sports Science, and is also an experimental unit for the Doctor of Education Degree (ED.D) Program. According to ranking in disciplines by China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Development Center (CAGDC) of the Ministry of Education (MoE), disciplines in Education at the College of Education are always among the best within similar subjects, disciplines in Sports Science are also in the top rank.
        At present, the College of Education has five university level research institutes. They are the Institute of Chinese and Foreign Education Modernization, the Institute of Education Science and Technology, the Institute of Sports Science and Technology, and the Zhejiang University Sigao Education Research Center. The College also has the Zhejiang University National Curriculum Research Center for Basic Education authorized by the Ministry of Education (MoE), the Research Center for Modernization of Sports authorized by the General Administration of Sports, the UNESCO Asia and the Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID) Associated Centers at Zhejiang University, the Global University Network for Innovation-Asia and the Pacific (GUNI-AP) Secretariat, and the UNESCO China in Enterprise Education at Zhejiang University.