Dean's Welcome

        The College of Education at Zhejing University grew out of related programs offered at Qiushi Academy and Yuying Academy established in 1897. Yuying Academy, which was a Christian University, developed to Zhijiang University in 1914. The Department of Education, which was one of the earliest established departments of education in modern Chinese universities, was established in 1929 at Zhejiang University.      
        Today, the College of Education at Zhejiang University is one of the leading research colleges in China. It consists of the Department of Education, the Department of Physical Education,the Department of Curriculum and Learning Sciences, the Institute of Educational Leadership & Policy, the Modern Educational Technology Center,  the Division of Military Education and other institutions. The mission of the College is to nurture future leaders with international perspective, innovative spirit and comprehensive capabilities in the field of Education, Sports Science, and Psychology. It offers excellent programs at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels to prepare students in relative areas. With a faculty capable of excellent research, the college has been undertaking projects to address theoretical and practical issues and the challenges of today and of the future.
        The College places great importance on scholarly exchange and international collaboration. The College has some International Cooperative Organizations,including the Associated Center for UNESCO-Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development, the secretariat of Global University Network for Innovation-Asia Pacific, the UNESCO Chair of Entrepreneurship Education at Zhejiang University and the UNESCO EE-Net National Chapter in China. At present, it has cooperative relationships with many institutions from various parts of the world.
        I sincerely welcome experts and students with outstanding competence from all over the world!

                                                                                                                       Dean:Professor Gu Jianmin